Pizza Oven KIT and Drago P1 Plus

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Bundle and save. Pizza Oven Kit and Drago P1 Plus 

External diameter  43"
Internal diameter  38"
Weight  800 lbs.
Stainless steel door  16" W x 13" H 
UPC 670628751860

Let's be clear. Would you like to have 100% control of your pizza oven?  Your finishing. Your color scheme. Your design.

    • Avanzini gas burner ready - Drago P1 Plus 
    • Made with 100% refractory materials.
    • Insulated base. Place anywhere. Food-grade cooking surface. 
    • Easily transported. No need to rent special equipment. Ideal for limited access.
    • Perfect for pizza. Reaches high heat. Great for cooking meats, fish, vegetables, and bread. Heat retention.
    • Stainless steel door included. Cast iron door available for additional fees. 

Easy to put together. The dome parts will need to be placed on the base with the refractory mortar. No mortar will be placed between the joints. Use the same refractory mortar to place the 2 chimney plugs in the holes. We suggest using the hole closest to the door for the chimney. Place the chimney. Cover the oven with a thin layer of cement as you place the insulation. Use chicken wire to hold the insulation in place. Cover the oven completely with additional cement. 

KIT Includes: 4 x dome parts cast refractory 2 x base and food grade cooking surface*
*( No assembly required ) 1 x stainless steel door

What you will need:  Refractory mortar, Insulation, chicken wire, chimney and rain cap
( The reason we do not include these items in the KIT is
because it is generally cheaper to buy locally ) 



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