Will the taste of the pizza be different?

All our pizzeria customers have confirmed that the taste is the same, but the baking is better because the baking floor temperature is uniform and it is impossible to burn the pizza.

Will customers have misgivings?

Most of them won't even notice anything, as Drago is the only burner with a flame very similar to that created by wood and is invisible to prying eyes, while very attentive - almost professional - customers will appreciate that the pizza is certainly better because it is baked evenly and never burnt, and also has no ash on the top, which we know is not at all healthy.

How long does it take to reach operating temperature?

On average just over an hour, from one day to the next.

Is there a saving compared to wood?

Definitely, from between 15% and 40%.
Also, there are no expenses for cleaning the chimney or for pest control, and the walls of the room no longer get dirty. Any problems with the neighbors are also solved.

Will I have any problems when working intensively at weekends?

We have evidence from pizzerias that have already converted to gas that, when they used wood, after 70-80 pizzas, they had the problem of pizzas remaining white on the bottom and getting burnt on top. On the other hand, with our Drago, the first pizza is baked evenly, as is the last one of the evening, and the temperature of the floor remains constant. Please note that this feature is specific to our burner and that other burners on the market have huge problems keeping heat on the floor.

Is it complicated to use?

It is much easier than with wood. Drago does everything itself: it turns on the switch on the control panel and it manages the baking temperature setpoint automatically.

Can I use wood even with the burner fitted?

This is another advantage of Drago compared to other burners. Even if you burn wood, it will not be damaged, it will not fill with ash and it will not be deformed, because it is the only element fitted underneath the baking floor and a thermal steel pipe protects the burner.

And what if I want to use only wood?

Drago allows for this option too. You will just need to fit the plug in order to completely isolate the baking floor from the burner body.

I have seen completely dark gas ovens and some even have a lamp to illuminate the baking floor. What about Drago?

Its flame is very bright, even brighter than a wood flame, because it is soft and highly radiating and reaches the center of the oven dome, so its soft flames light all areas of the baking floor.

I have seen ovens with incandescent refractory floors above the burner. What about Drago?

Absolutely NOT! The Drago flame slides over the refractory bricks and reaches the center of the dome, without concentrating the heat in only one area, as there is no fan that pushes the air making it similar to a blowtorch, treating the pizza like a piece of cast iron.

Why should I buy a Drago rather than another burner on the market?

Because no company has the specific experience in burners for baking applications that Avanzini Bruciatori srl has gained, manufacturing and installing burners in bread ovens since 1960. Because the other burners are installed in heating boilers or in aluminum and bronze smelting works and it is glaringly obvious that a flame for smelting metal is not the most suitable for baking pizzas. Because Drago does not protrude into the baking floor and is hidden from view, whereas the others are all positioned above the baking floor with various tubular sections or torches, which can become deformed or clogged. Because Drago can be isolated from the oven with a thermal steel plug that allows exclusive use with wood; the others cannot. Because Drago is silent and works with the natural draught of the chimney, since it has no motors and fans that get clogged, make noise continuously and require frequent servicing to avoid downtime. Because Drago “D” series for professional use is fully automatic and does everything itself. Other burners have a pilot flame that is lit manually with a piezoelectric lighter like a barbecue oven and, if the flame is accidentally extinguished, take over 25 seconds to shut off the gas, whereas Drago takes 3 seconds at the most. Drago is also the only burner that, in the event of poor combustion caused for example by a poor draught, shuts down to avoid possible hazards and warns the pizza chef that there is something wrong. Because the flame created by Drago combines baking quality with low-cost operation, and in fact Avanzini Bruciatori srl guarantees that Drago is unbeatable in terms of performance, and is willing to carry out tests for consumption comparisons with any make and type of burner currently on the market.