"Just to let you know the beautiful pizza oven arrived this lunch time – so pleased, really appreciate it and we don't mind at all that the other 2 stands will be at the end of August as this is so worth waiting for!!!

You would laugh, delivery was a challenge and the driver was alone, we live on the side of quite a steep hill so sliding it down the lorry onto our tractor trailer without losing it was a real sight and blocked the lane we lived in 10/10 for quality of product, service communications but I also reckon the delivery driver deserves a pint!!!!"

- Nigel 

“Just a few words to thank you for your professionalism and generosity. Thank you so much for replacing the glass ( that I broke) on my pizza oven, free of charge and for going out of your way to ensure customer satisfaction right from day one and up until after the sale. Thank you. Definitely recommend Dome Ovens.”

- Angela, VA

“Enjoying this great pizza oven very much! Loved the attentive customer service and prompt delivery.It's really a work of art.”


"Hopefully we get ours on the base that we are building on Friday. It is beautiful and very well made. Thank you!"

- Jennifer

"I saw one of your ovens on Price is Right today. Sure made me thankful for my oven. Great job guys!"

- Wilkens

"There are two way to cook. The wrong way and the only way, with wood. Dome Ovens loving it."

- Anthony K

"Cedar plank salmon and filet mignon. The Best!! We love our Dome Oven"

- Barbara M

"Thanks for a pleasant purchase, the oven finally got its base and is now ready for the curing process. Thanks again Joe"

- Charles

"Our first wood-fired turkey. Thanks to our friends at Dome Ovens."

- Robert

"Family fun day- over 30 pizzas were enjoyed. Everyone had fun making their own."

- Rachel

"Thank you to everyone at dome ovens for your support and suggestions. We love our oven and will cherish it for many years to come."

"Finally got it into place , cured and cooking ... we all love it ! With Dome Ovens"

- Mark

"The oven is still going strong Joe , almost 2 years now ."

- Georgios

"Yea I would with the right person and few great bottles of wine... candles...And a Soundtrack of Chicago Peter Cetera greatest Hits ...a real brick pizza Dome Ovens...yes can do !!!! ."

- Henry

"I'm so excited!!!
I think I will use it all the time!
Thank you for the GREAT service Dome Ovens!"

- Robert

"A little late posting these, but wanted to share. What started as a project to build a simple fireplace turned into a little bit more. Wasn't easy and there were a lot of doubts, just ask Cristina Zapata, but the results are amazing so far with pizza..."

- Joe